I assume that if you are reading this document you are not coming to the Riviera to buy some expensive bags and shoes. Still you might want to buy some souvenirs.

If you are not so cheap that you want to save 1-2 Euros, just skip this post. But think about it before. If you buy a magnet to your aunt, grandma, your neighbour, some lavender filled little bags to your mother-in-law etc. those 1-2 Euros add up quickly. Think about what you could do with that extra 20 Euros? It would make an amazing pique-nique on one of the nicest beach of the Riviera!

So remember you don’t have to buy all those things at the first place you gaze upon them. They will be everywhere. Just keep your eye open and remember the cheapest prices.

If you are not staying in only one city - why would you, anyway - try to buy them in smaller, poorer cities or in the richest one, Monaco$ Yes! In Monaco, Monte Carlo, in the city of the richest people! Walk up to the old town and in those narrow streets you will find these things way cheaper than in Nice or Cannes. I think it’s because of the lower taxes.

If you are extreme, go for vide greniers, big markets of second-hand stugg. There are always some second-hand markets in the region. By always I mean every Saturday and Sunday you can find something, sometimes even during weekdays. Here is a link, where you can check where are the next onesHERE. Once I brought some magnets only for a Euro. And it was even nicer than most for 3 or 4 Euros!

Otherwise France is the leader of luxury industry, so many wealthy tourists come for shopping luxurious items. If you are one of those tourists, we are not your guide.

But let’s say you want to but some quality products for a reasonable price. Come during the sales periods. The dates are fixed by law and there are two such periods each year. One in summer and one in winter. As we agreed on it, summer is too expensive here, so you can head for the winter one. Here you can check the dates of the latest sales.