There is a small community just in the heart of Antibes called The Free commune of Safranier (La commune Libre du Safranier). They organise really nice events every few months on the lovely place du Safranier. Usually there is a bearable crowd and you might see some old dances or hear people singing traditional songs and usually you can even tastes some long-established food.

In September there is the grape harvest festival. Usually you can see the mayor squeezing some grape juice and then he hands over the squeezer to the enthusiastic members of this wonderful community. If you stay you can taste the juice. But don’t drink more than a few glasses because it’s so sweet that you can almost feel like drunk. Sugar drunk, but still.

In November, there is the festival of chestnut where you can taste some hot chestnuts and afterwards you can have some traditional provencal dish for a really low price. In 2017 ,it’s polenta with a glass of wine for as cheap as 5 Euros.

In December, they organize the log feast (fête du bûche), where you can taste the bûche cake that is traditional in the South of France for Christmas. It’s not just a single cake, but in this case it’s a huge cake. And it’s growing every year a couple of centimeters. You can enjoy it with some hot wine or with hot chocolate. This event is always great.

There are some other programs, but these are the ones we prefer. Feel free to check their website.