Well this is going to be short. Avoid it, if you are on low cost.

South of France is not the place to hang out in bars if you are short of money. A pint will cost you at least 5 Euros, but more likely it will be around 7. In Paris I found decent places where I could have a beer for no more than 3 Euros. On the Riviera never. For 3 Euros if you are lucky you will get 25cl which is not even enough to wet your mouth.

However in many restaurant you can get house wine for a reasonable price. Sometimes you can get a glass for even something like 2 Euros. But you won’t get wasted during lunchtime on some cheap wine in a restaurant, will you?

Drinking on the beach

I recommend what many locals do - yes, they also find drinking in bars expensive. Go to the supermarket buy whatever you want and go home or your friends’ place. You have an accommodation in a hotel and you didn’t take a flat? No problem, go to the beach! You won’t be alone anyway. You can see people with whole garden furniture sets like if it was their garden. In Rome, act like a Roman! On the Riviera treat the beach like your garden! I hope you keep your garden clean, by the way.

Don’t forget, excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your health. Drink only with moderation!