The accommodation on the French Riviera is generally expensive, but not necessarily.

A nice hotel room costs a lot of money starting from 60-70 Euros and it can go up until unimaginable numbers if your needs are high enough. But you have alternative options!

Low-cost hotels

You can look for hotels on the low-end part in terms of costs and quality. In the end, you will not want to spend your time in a room, but rather outside. All you need is a clean bed to sleep.

Depending on when you come, you might get a room for about 30-40 Euros per night. These rooms can sometimes accommodate even three persons, but the third bed is sometimes only for kids.


  • Cheap
  • Can get breakfast for about 5-6 Euros


  • Usually they are far from the centre
  • Sometimes you need a car to approach them
  • Small
  • Questionable quality and comfort

Such hotels:

Special advice: If you want to stay at such a hotel, you can check the Hotel Premiere Class Nice - Promenade des Anglais. You might get it for less than 40 Euros, it’s next to NCE Nice Cote d’Azur airport and the Gare Saint-Augustin train station is only a 12 minutes walk, you have bus stops nearby and the first beach is less than 20 minutes away - on foot.


Hostels can be quite cheap and they might be close to the centre. For many young travellers, it’s the default option.


  • Advice from a lot of people
  • Close to the centre
  • Cheap


  • No privacy most of the time
  • Limited security for your belongings
  • Have to share the bathroom

For recommendations about hostels, I’d advise you to check these lists:


Another option is to find a room at a local person’s flat or even a full apartment. When we first came to Nice for a job interview, we took this option. For a low price we had a nice room in a bourgeois residence and from the living room we had an incredible view on the Bay and we even had some nice French breakfast.


  • Usually better quality
  • Normally more relevant recommendations from locals than from hotels
  • Often more space


  • You don’t know who you’ll have to share the flat with
  • If you don’t take a flat, you’ll have to share the bathroom

If you want to take this option, you have to look for a room/flat.

So what does a typical French breakfast consists of? Let’s not take the fancy one where you eat different pastries such as croissant or pain au chocolat. No, you take a decent chunk of a baguette and you put some butter and jam on it. You should drink a big bowl of coffee, not the Italian espresso type, but still not the gallon sized American one. Somewhere in between. You may eat some yoghurt, possibly with some cereals, but not necessarily. Take also some fresh orange juice and preferably some fruits! Voilà, bon appétit!


The obvious choice. You’ll find a bunch of rooms/flats on this site ranging from as few as maybe just 20 Euros for single rooms up to thousands for luxurious villas or even boats.


If you are looking for a flat, checking some local Facebook groups might be a viable option. Sometimes you can find advertisements for weekly rent (sometimes even daily). If you wait with the organization until the last minutes, you might find that someone’s guests cancelled their trip so they look for someone immediately. You might find a good bargain, but it’s risky!

Have a look at for these groups, after a little bit scrolling you might find something interesting. Even if you have to join a group, usually you’ll be approved fast.